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Beginning Budget Process

Welcome to the FY18 Beginning Budget Process

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FYI: When Human Resources creates new positions within Banner, Budget Org is assigned based upon the timesheet org provided in the new position paperwork.

Salary Planner Training (link to ODT)

FY18 Beginning Budget Training Manual

Beginning Budget Overview

Budget Training PowerPoint

Transfer Template (Do not include transfer budget for the Grad School IPSA program. This is processed through BRP and therefore is a known transfer.)

Beginning Budget Calendar

In the event there is terminology used in any of the above training materials or resources, please see our Glossary of terms used in the Budget and Resource Planning Office.


OPE Report for Entry Into Budget Development

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Reports from Budgeting Tools (For IDR reports, you'll have to login to, and then follow the file path provided below)

Reports for FY18 Budget Process


Cognos Report File Paths:

Enterprise Folders ‎> Finance Reports ‎> Budget, Revenue, and Expense Reports ‎> Budget Development & Salary Planner Reports


FY Base Budget Report is forthcoming.

Budget Development- See Report in Cognos

Help and Support - please contact your Financial Analyst

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