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Tuition and Fee Refund Schedules

Refund Schedules

Refunds are based on assessed tuition and class fees, and are calculated from the date you officially drop a class or reduce credits, not the date of your last class attendance. Your registration will not be cancelled for nonpayment of tuition. You must either pay your tuition and fees or notify the University if you do not intend to complete the term.

Refunds are processed as a credit to your account. A check will be issued to you for any remaining amount after accounts receivable and aid/remission repayments have been satisfied. Allow about six weeks for processing a refund. Checks for tuition and/or class fees in amounts less than $3.00 are not normally refundable.

Summer tuition and fees follow a prescribed formula based on individual course dates. Summer refund dates will appear under each individual CRN in the summer schedule of classes, published approximately one term prior to summer term.

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