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What is Carryforward?

Carry Forward is an annual process in which budgets are adjusted in August (Fiscal Period 2) of each year to account for ending balances from the prior fiscal year. For example, a fund that ended FY18 with a positive residual balance of $10,000 would have a carry forward of the same amount in FY19, and this balance would be available to be spent in FY19. Negative residual balances are carried forward as well. The Carry Forward process is interactive and provides units on campus the opportunity to distrbute or re-allocate their carry forward balances to different Index's or FOAPAL so long as it stays within the same fund.

Can I make changes to my budget throughout the fiscal year? Yes. Changes can be made throughout the fiscal year within a few guidelines: 1) the changes can only be made with the same fund; 2) it must be balanced; 3) most budget changes can be made by units (permission is granted by BRP via rule codes); 4) some budget changes can only be made by BRP (contact your Financial Analyst for assistance)

Last update: Nov 5th, 2018 @ 15:24:58 PST

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