University of Oregon

What is Carryforward?

Carryforward is the Available Balance (i.e., budget less actual) in Banner as of fiscal year end which is input as temporary budget for the next fiscal year.

The carry-forward process is an integrated, web-based application. Annual training is offered for both seasoned budget preparers and those new to the UO budget process.

Can I make changes to my budget throughout the fiscal year? Yes. Changes can be made throughout the fiscal year within a few guidelines: 1) the changes can only be made with the same fund; 2) it must be balanced; 3) most budget changes can be made by units (permission is granted by BRP via rule codes); 4) some budget changes can only be made by BRP (contact your Financial Analyst for assistance)

Last update: Jan 5th, 2017 @ 10:30:14 PST