Employee Rate Group Matrix

Starting July 1, 2017, UO began using nine separate blended OPE rates for different categories of employees based on prior year actual costs. To arrive at these employee categories, a review was done of the OPE eligibility for each class of UO employees. 

Employee Rate Groups by EClass and Account Code

Employee GroupEClass CodeAccount CodeDescription
AthleticsAll Athletic department employees10921

All employees under the Level 3 Organization code – 480000.

Faculty/Staff AAA, AB, AL, AQ, AR, FB, FE10922The Faculty/Staff A Employee Class consists of a majority of salaried staff employees and faculty members that are on a twelve-month schedule.  Most of these employees are all eligible for sick leave and vacation leave.
Faculty/Staff BFA, FK, FM, FN, FO, FQ, FR, AM, AN, AO, AP10923The Faculty/Staff B Employee Class consists of faculty members that are on a nine-month schedule that are sick leave eligible but not eligible for vacation leave, all post-doctoral scholars, and employees coded as Executives.
Faculty/Staff CAC, AD, AS, AT, AW, AX, FS, FT, FC, FD, FW, FX10924The Faculty/Staff C Employee Class consists of all employees on summer term employment excluding students; and also includes faculty and staff on less than .5 FTE.
Classified ServiceCF, CG, CH, CI10925The Classified Service Employee Class consists of hourly employees that are coded as service/maintenance such as groundskeepers, custodians, laborers, and food service workers
Classified Skilled/ClericalCA, CB, CD, CE, CN10926The Classified Skilled/Clerical Employee Class consists of hourly employees that are coded as skilled and clerical.
Classified TechnicalCJ, CK, CL, CM, GG, GJ10927The Classified Technical Employee Class consists of hourly employees that are coded as technical and professional.
TempsTS, AV, FV10928The Temps Employee Class consists of hourly faculty and hourly staff less than .5FTE, and temporary support staff employees.
StudentXA, XB10929The Students Employee Class consists of graduate employees, fellows, and undergraduate student employees.

For descriptions on individual EClass Codes see HR's EClass Code Matrix