Excluded Earn Codes

Excluded Earn Codes from the Salary and Wage Cost Base

OPE Costs, and therefore Blended OPE, is applicable to only certain types of compensation at the University of Oregon, determined by Earn Code. For example, an employee's salary or wage base is eligible to be charged OPE. There are, however, types of compensation that OPE does not apply to. All compensation not to be included in any OPE Cost calculations is also determined by Earn Code.

Earn Code Description
FAC Awards, Cash
FMC Moving Expenses, Cash
FPV Allowance, Cash
GTI Grad, International
OAU Other Pay, Units
ONB Other Academic Pay, No Benefit 12.00%
OVX Overload, PERS Exempt
PEN Penalty Pay
RSB Regular, Student Bonus
RSC Settlement
RW1 Fed Work-Study, Rate 1
RW2 Fed Work-Study, Rate 2
RW3 Fed Work-Study, Rate 3
RW4 Fed Work-Study, Rate 4
RW5 Fed Work-Study, Rate 5
RWS Regular, Fed Work-Study
SAR Salary, International
SSC Settlement
STO Stipends without Benefits
UDO Deferred Pay Out