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Budget Reports

Budget and Expenditure Authorizations Approved by the UO Board of Trustees

The report includes Projected Operating Budget Expenditures, Projected Operating Revenue, and Capital Project Expenditure Budgets.

UO State Target Programs

The report includes Budget, Revenue, and Expenditures for the following units: Law Clinic, Law OOCDR, Labor Education and Research Center, Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon

Expenditure Budget Reports

Budget reports exclude funds for sponsored research, plant, student loan and agency funds.  Reports include all expenditure account types including Internal Sales Reimbursements (ISRs) and Transfers .  Reports contain expenditures only--no revenues.

These reports require Excel 2007 to run properly.  They can be user customized to display elements in various configurations.  Refer to the "PT Help" tab on each report.

Budget reports from prior fiscal years (FY14 and before) are not yet recast into the current organizational structure.


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