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Responsibility Unit (RU) Budget Partners: Level 3 RU managers serve as the official contact for the department on financial matters. Each RU is assigned a financial analyst as a main point of contact and a back-up analyst: RU and assigned analysts list


Role of Budget Partners: The goal of this document is to describe how Budget and Resource Planning (BRP) supports campus units and the common tasks performed throughout the year by a Budget Partner


BRP Staff Directory

Stuart Laing
(541) 346-5838 ¦

Donna Sutton Chittenden
Program Manager / Fee Book Administrator
(541) 346-2019 ¦


Bryce Dachtler
Financial Analyst
(541) 346-3247 ¦


Kelly Peterson
Financial Analyst
(541) 346-2159 ¦


Financial Analyst
(541) 346-7226 ¦


Renee Turner
Financial Analyst
(541) 346-9855 ¦

Mailing Address:



Budget and Resource Planning
5239 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5239

Thompson University Center
730 E 13th Ave, Suite 306
Eugene, OR 97401



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