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The Budget and Resource Planning office has overall responsibility for developing and implementing the university’s budget processes, and ensures the development of budgeting policies and practices to align the institution’s resources with its mission and objectives.  We are committed to providing tools, analysis, and training to support decision making and resource planning across campus.

Responsibility units and their assigned analyst.

Responsibility Units and Analysts

BRP Staff

Stuart Laing, Director, Budget Operations
(541) 346-5838 ¦

Brady Nittmann, Financial Analyst 
(541) 346-3247 ¦

Donna Sutton Chittenden, Program Manager
(541) 346-2019 ¦

Kelly Peterson, Financial Analyst 
(541) 346-2159 ¦

Keila Mintz, Financial Analyst 
(541) 346-7226 ¦

Renee Turner, Financial Analyst 
(541) 346-9855 ¦

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Office Phone:

Budget and Resource Planning
5239 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5239

Thompson University Center
730 E 13th Ave, Suite 306
Eugene, OR 97403

Voice: (541) 346-3044
Fax: (541) 346-6176


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