Estimated Projections for Future Years

Blended OPE rates are calculated as the cost of OPE divided by the applicable salary base. The year over year change in projections for future blended OPE rates can fluctuate depending on the fiscal year and coinciding increase in either salary or OPE expense. Rate projections tend to fluctuate upward in even years as a result of increases in the PEBB and PERS expense portion of OPE. Rate projections can fluctuate downward in odd years as a result of increases in the salary base and the anticipation of minimal increases in the PERS portion of OPE.

Disclaimer: The rates for all future years are only projections at this time until actual rates are approved by DHHS. It is likely that these rates will adjust as more up to date information is available. If you have any questions regarding these projections, please contact your analyst-RU partner or email BRP.

Employee GroupFiscal Year 2023 (PRELIM)Fiscal Year 2024Fiscal Year 2025
Faculty/Staff A74.3%84.2%83.9%
Faculty/Staff B49.9%56.3%56.1%
Faculty/Staff C32.9%35.4%35.4%
Classified Service135.8%127.2%126.7%
Classified Skilled/Clerical95.6%111.0%113.0%
Classified Technical84.1%95.8%97.2%

*Athletics will be calculated on an annual basis due to fluctuations in salaries.

Table updated: Dec. 18, 2020