Blended OPE

The University of Oregon establishes a Blended OPE rate each year for the major employee groups at the campus based on prior year actual expenses. These Blended OPE rates are reviewed and approved annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. OPE expenses (health plan expenses, retirement plan expenses, taxes and workman's compensation expenses, among others) are determined by applying the appropriate percentage based on employee category to actual salary expense. The OPE rate will be charged against salaries less an Average Leave Adjustable rate, and excluding some pay types (Excluded Earn Codes). The university moved “leave” from being paid by the unit, to being charged to a central pool.

UO Fringe Benefits Rates

Employee GroupAvg Leave Adjustable RateFiscal Year 2023Avg Leave Adjustable RateFiscal Year 2024 (Preliminary)
Faculty/Staff A11.1%77.2%12.1%81.6%
Faculty/Staff BFaculty 1.4%; Execs 11.0%49.9%Faculty 1.23%; Exec 11.83%51.9%
Faculty/Staff C0.3%33.0%0.6%32.3%
Classified Service13.3%120.3%14.5%106.5%
Classified Skilled/Clerical11.7%96.9%13.1%96.3%
Classified Technical10.8%86.2%12.0%85.5%

For retirees refer to the Employee Rate Group Matrix to determine the Employee Group

Note: The blended OPE rates for FY24 and beyond include savings from a PERS Side Account that the university established during FY23.  Funds from the PERS Side Account buy down future PERS rates charged to the university for PERS Tier I/II and OPSRP.  The Side Account was established with funds from the UO Internal Bank. PERS rate savings from the Side Account will be fully passed through to grant funds, restricted gift funds, and the General Fund.  The university will centrally fund the Internal Bank payback for these units. Other fund groups will have a new OPE charge applied to salary. The new OPE charge will be less than the savings generated from the PERS Side Account creating a net benefit to all impacted units. The exact chargeback are being calculated now and we anticipate they will be no more than 2.11% of payroll.

Updated 01/03/2023